Heat Recovery Air Conditioning




Free air movement for improved indoor air quality and efficient heating

Heat recovery air conditioning systems allow for maximised energy efficiency by capturing and reusing waste heat, which is captured with refrigerant.

Using this recovered heat from the eating process allows for both individualised climate control based on individual preferences and energy savings costs, due to the reduced reliance on your HVAC compressor's cooling or heating requirements.

 a heat recovery system on the outside of a building



What are the benefits of heat recovery air conditioning?


Simultaneous heating and cooling 

The simultaneous operation of different zones of a building allows for optimised system efficiency and consistent comfort.

Reduced Environmental Impact 

Being purely mechanical in nature, heat recovery air conditioning systems contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

Flexible design 

Heat recovery air conditioning systems require much less ceiling space than conventional systems, allowing for them to be installed in a range of building sizes and types.




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