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The logical step up from regular split systems, multi split HVAC systems offer unparalleled flexibility.

By combining multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, these systems allow for multiple rooms or zones to be regulated at different temperatures. This both minimises energy consumption by avoiding the need for individual heating or cooling units in each room, while delivering optimum energy savings.

 a diagram showing a multi-split system and how it connects to multiple units


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What are the benefits of multi split HVAC systems?


Zoned Comfort 

These systems deliver personalised comfort in different areas of an indoor space, catering to individual temperature preferences and usage patterns.

Energy Efficient 

Multi split HVAC systems offer superior energy efficiency when compared to other air conditioning options, contributing to reduced operational costs and environmental impact.

Space Saving 

Multi split HVAC systems can be easily installed in commercial spaces where space is limited or conventional duct systems would not be possible.




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