ventilation extraction systems



Maximised air quality for your industrial or commercial facilities

Ventilation extraction systems are one of the cornerstones of maintaining clean and healthy indoor air quality.

They work by expelling stale indoor air, and with this a range of contaminators, odours and moisture. This serves to control impurities and create a healthier and more comfortable indoor space, particularly in environments where chemicals or volatile organic compounds are being handled.




What are the benefits of ventilation extraction systems?


Odour and moisture control 

The extraction of moisture-laden air serves to prevent issues like mould growth and condensation, thereby reducing the risk of structural damage and health issues associated with damp indoor environments.

Building Compliance 

Ventilation extraction systems are often required by building codes and regulations, especially in industrial settings. Installing and maintaining them ensures compliance with IAQ standards and avoids potential legal issues.

Productivity Boosting 

Clean and fresh air has been shown to both increase comfort and productivity by aiding in concentration and reducing fatigue.




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