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Air conditioning services that go the extra mile

Kavanaghs Air Conditioning Services combines deep technical knowledge with the practical experience that only our founder's 15+ years on the tools can provide.

Our mission is to stand out as the leading team of HVAC specialists in the UK by providing a combination of excellent customer care and a comprehensive selection of services.

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Committed to air conditioning excellence

Whether you require a VRV system to be installed or an error code addressed, our team aims to get things done right from the first point of contact. To that end, we're not afraid to go above and beyond the call if it results in a satisfied customer.

If a simple callout develops into something more serious, as is often the case with complicated climate control systems, we will happily see things through to the end. Similarly, we are perfectly content to spend more time on-site than most would otherwise consider in the interest of triple-checking every fixture, facet and component of our handiwork – We will only put our name to an installation, service or commissioning when we are 100% satisfied with what we have done.



Founded by a trusted figure in the industry

Our founder, Andrew Kavanagh, stands out as a respected authority within the HVAC sector. Our clients benefit not only from his wealth of practical experience, to the point he is often sought out by other companies via word of mouth or to provide advice, but from the professional network he has built up.

While we service a range of air conditioning and ventilation systems from a number of manufacturers, there are naturally some systems we are more familiar with and others we are less familiar with. In the event that we find ourselves out of our comfort zone, we are able to put you in touch with one of Andrew's trusted engineering contracts who we feel would be better suited.

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One point of contact

A shortfall we often hear from our clients is that lines of communication in the HVAC industry can often become blurred.

Kavanaghs Air Conditioning Services is a small but capable team of experts at the top of their field. In the interest of ease of communication, transparency and building effective relationships with our clients, we have a policy of one engineer per site. This means that any maintenance, servicing or follow-up work will be carried out by the same engineer who installed it to begin with, ensuring a superior service and management.


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  Hear from our past contractors


  We find them to be flexible , professional and honest. ...

As a trusted sub-contractor Kavanaghs AC Services have been a huge help to our business, competently supporting our operations across various areas, whilst always acting as an extension to our existing team. We find them to be flexible , professional and honest. Their extensive knowledge and experience in VRV fault finding and repairs is invaluable and we have complete peace of mind when sending them to our jobs.

  They preform to a high standard and are a highly reliable company....

Kavanagh AC services have been working for us for period of time and offer technical expertise in all aspects of AC and ventilation systems. They preform to a high standard and are a highly reliable company.





AC Engineers in Wolverhampton with national coverage

Although we are primarily positioned as experts in ventilation and air conditioning in Wolverhampton, Kavanaghs Air Conditions Services are able to cater to the entire United Kingdom.




Experience the difference with our tailored solutions for air conditioning in Wolverhampton. Your comfort is our commitment.

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Please direct any questions to 07837 483547.

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