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Service & Maintenance 

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Equipment Hire


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Customised air conditioning solutions for every need and business

We provide a comprehensive HVAC service for all your business's cooling and chilling needs, whether you need simple comfort air conditioning for a workplace or more complicated process coolers in an industrial setting.

The Kavanaghs Air Conditioning Services team have installed, serviced and commissioned a range of air conditioning systems in all kinds of environments, from one-off arrangements for retail establishments to rolling service contracts for offices.





Split Systems

 These systems make use of separate indoor and outdoor coils, allowing for straightforward installations, greater flexibility and a quieter operation. Suitable for applications where full-scale ductwork is not practical.

Split Systems

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Multi Split Systems

These systems allow for up to 8 rooms or zones to be independently conditioned, providing zonal climate control without the need for ducts. A practical and efficient option for businesses looking for personalised comfort without ductwork.

Multi Split Systems







Our area of expertise, these units use a variable refrigerant flow control to allow for individualised climate control in different zones or rooms. An energy-efficient and customisable option.


four air conditioners a part of a VRV and VRF system








Heat Recovery Systems 

These systems employ heat exchangers to recover latent heat from exhausted air, contributing to lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact. Ideal for improving the overall performance of existing HVAC systems.

Heat Recovery Systems

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an external air flow heat pump on the outside of a building


Air Source Heat Pumps 

A versatile choice that provides both heating and cooling by using outside air as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer. A sustainable and efficient way of regulating indoor temperatures year-round.

Air Source Heat Pumps







The backbone of large-scale HVAC system, chillers allow for efficient, cost-effective and sustainable cooling with the use of cooled air or water.


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Keep your facilities compliant and your workforce comfortable

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The Environmental Advantages of Air Conditioning Systems

Energy saving is a critical benefit of maintaining and servicing air conditioning services.

Ensuring that your air conditioning system receives frequent servicing minimises the need for excessive heating and cooling, leading to reduced power consumption while still maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. This not only contributes to cost savings, but aligns with sustainable practices, making it an environmentally-friendly choices for businesses.





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