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Equipment Hire


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Sustainable IAQ solutions for a healthier environment

In addition to air conditioning, Kavanaghs Air Conditioning Services offer premier commercial ventilation services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

Our team of trusted HVAC specialists understand the critical role that proper ventilation plays in maintaining a healthy and productive work environment, and to that end our comprehensive services encompasses everything from installation to maintenance.






Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems 

Also known as HRVs, these systems play a crucial role in enhancing indoor air quality and energy efficiency by recovering heat from outgoing air and transferring it to fresh air, thereby minimising energy loss.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

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Extraction Systems

Crucial for the hospitality and healthcare sector, extraction systems maintain good air quality and a healthy environment via the removal of stale air, odours and pollutants.

Extraction Systems






AHU Maintenance and Repair

Air handling units are an integral component of HVAC systems, and as such proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential to prevent indoor air quality issues and maximise efficiency.

AHU Maintenance and Repair

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Why is ventilation important?

Adequate ventilation systems regulate temperatures and humidity levels, warding off the discomfort of stuffiness. This mitigates employee fatigue and helps them to remain attentive, which is especially important in industries demanding rapid responses or high levels of concentration and precision.

Beyond this, ventilation is crucial for ensuring compliance with building codes and standards. These standards play a pivotal role in safeguarding employee health and wellbeing, and adhering to them not only meets legal requirements but serves to foster a workplace conducive to productivity.

This is particularly the case in industries where odours, moisture or pollutants are commonplace such as the hospitality sector, warehouses and industrial settings.

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